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Medicare Hubs: Prosthesis Center Berlin-Kyiv

Medicare Hubs is the project name for scaling up needed medical and social infrastructure in Ukraine. 

In close cooperation with with the Senate of Berlin, we are helping the city administration of Kyiv in setting up the first municipal prosthesis centre. The target groups are especially soldiers, but also children with amputation injuries, who are to regain a high degree of mobility. This requires very good prosthesis fitting skills. Not only the necessary machine equipment for the prosthesis centre in Kyiv will therefore be supplied.  In particular, "Meister"-knowledge of good prosthesis fitting is to be transferred to Kyiv. We want to enable our Kyiv colleagues to fit prostheses similar to the German master craftsmen's standard. The "Prosthesis Centre Berlin-Kyiv" is to be set up and established in protected underground rooms of a Kyiv Municipal Hospital. The state of Berlin is supporting the establishment of Kyiv's first municipal prosthesis centre as a core element of the Berlin-Kyiv city partnership signed on 14 September 2023. 


We cooperate on this project especially with the Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin and 6 prosthesis centres of Berlin:

  • pro-samed GmbH

  • Zapfe Orthopädie-Technik GmbH 

  • Koch Orthopädie GmbH

  • Seeger Gesundheitshaus GmbH & Co. KG

  • OTB GmbH

  • Hempel GesundheitsPartner GmbH.

Medical evacua-tions & treatment 

We focus on medical evacuations of heavily injured soldiers to Germany for complex medical operations and to avoid amputations, infections and lifelong disabilities. 


Each case is personally individual and complicated regarding medical evacuation procedures, operations as well as bureaucratic procedures to be solved in Ukraine and Germany.


So far, we rehabilitated eight soldiers. 

For interested donors, we offer to become the personal patron of the medical evacuation of an injured soldier, who we will then be rehabilitated in Berlin. Please contact us at

We cooperate on this project especially with the Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin.

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