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We take care of the most vulnerable people needing basic life support in the russian war of terror against Ukraine. We build a Life Bridge to Ukraine.


On March 2 2022, we started as network of representatives from business and politics from Germany and Austria. Under the name of “Evacuaid Kyiv”, we started evacuating the most vulnerable People out of Kyiv at the time when the russians had advanced to Butcha and Irpin. We evacuated altogether over 1,200 autistic and disabled children, babies, pregnant women and old mobility restricted people from Kyiv and the very south and east of the Country to Austria and Germany. However, with ongoing war, we learned that it is imperative to build up capacities of medical and social infrastructure in Ukraine and to keep vulnerable people - as well as nurses and doctors - in their home country Ukraine. As the medical system in Ukraine is stressed, today we conduct only single medical evacuations of heavily injured soldiers, especially to safe their limbs. 

What We Do

As charitable organization, today we build up medical and orthopaedic infrastructure and knowledge in Ukraine. With our work, we aim especially at preventing amputations and support for heavily injured soldiers and defenders of Ukraine as well as amputation injured childfen.

By the end of 2024, 100.000 amputatees  are to be expected in Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Health.  We act to rehabilitate and mobilize amputation-injured soldiers as well as possible. 

Together with the state of Berlin and the city administration of Kyiv, we build up the first municipal prosthesis centre in Kyiv as a project of the newly established city partnership between Berlin and Kyiv.  To this end, we bring practical knowledge of German "Orthopädietechniker-Meister" to Kyiv to reach best mobilization of the patients and guarantee high quality prostheses fitting.  A second prosthesis center is being planned in Odessa.

With a focus on preventing amputations, we medically evacuate heavily injured soldiers and care for best medical treatment. 


"The most valuable of Ukraine are its people"
Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv

Vitali Klischko and Janine von Wolfersdorff about Medicare Hubs Kyiv

Who we help


Heavily injured soldiers

war injured children

vulnerable people of Ukraine

How we work

We work closely together with the Kyiv City Administration, the Berlin Senate, the German Government and several charitable organizations in Ukraine and Germany. 

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