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4 April, 2022

Sueddeutsche Zeitung 
Mit Sieben Bussen nach Kiew

Our Mission

With a network of strong coopersation partners, we are creating a first municipal prosthesis center in Kyiv as a project of the city partnership between Berlin and Kyiv.  It wil focus on  amputation injured soldiers and children in need for regaining high mobility. After successful implementation, a network of prosthesis centers with focus on regaining high mobility are to be established. Furthermore, we support heavily injured soldiers in need for complex medical tretament and medical evacuations.  

Ukraine Flag
Glückliches Mädchen mit Brille

Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen Ukraine, - its resilience, basic public services and defence capability - during the russian war against Ukraine. To achieve this, we want to expand medical and social capacities in Ukraine to support the most vulnerable people in need of care and medical treatment on the ground. Where medical capacities for heavily injured soldiers or civilians are not sufficient at the moment, we aim for providing a Life Bridge to medical treatment in Germany. We want to support that vulnerable people in need of special care and medical treatment can stay in and return to their home country Ukraine.  

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